Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He gave it all up

Hello again, Just doing a bit of homework and thought I'd write something on here. God is so good to us! Not only did he give his life for us, he also gave up being glorified on this earth. He could have had WHATEVER he wanted. Just a snap of his fingers. Also he said nothing for many years, he entered the temple at a young age but did not dominate us. He stood for his Father, so that we could call him Father as well. While all of his friends were probably moving on with life, becoming rabbi apprentices and having families, he became like his earthly dad, Joseph. He became skilled at carpentry, but his heart probably burned for his fathers will. Christ was not only interested in God's will but also his timing. After those many years, he became baptized as an example for us. He at first had many followers, but his purpose was not for popularity. When the way he really was showed itself, people ran. Many were offended by the one who had come to save them from  their sin and show them a new way. Even those who stayed were "thrown for a loop" if you will. All Peter could say is "We would leave, but who else has the words of life?" Even those who followed him and were his disciples were totally confused by his actions. He was even betrayed by one of his closest friends. Yet he did not lash out at them.  I'm skipping around a little, so please bare with  me. He came to serve us, being the Highest of All Kings. He stooped so low as to wash the very feet of men and to die for those he was cursed by. I truly think this was and is radical love. He had the whole world, "Had his life before him" and he died fairly young for a creature that had been under the dominion of the Adversary. He bought us and he claims his Bride for himself.

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  1. Hello Benjamyn,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. :) I love receiving comments from sisters and brothers in the Lord! I didn't realize so many young Christians were blogging until I stepped into the blog-world last year. hehe! I encourage you to keep blogging about the Lord and His wonders, power, and love in your life. It's very strengthening to blog about the deep love that we for our Lord and the glory of the Gospel. :)
    Lord bless and be near you,