Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Once again :)

Hello Blog-world!
 Been out a bit...two years in fact! God has done a lot in the past year just in general. For one, I've been made coordinator of my county's branch of Teen challenge Lifeline program by default.

It is quite a stretching experience, LET ME TELL YOU!

The guy who I started the program for the county with got cancer, went into remission,and became a youth director...so that dropped the responsibility on my shoulders.

I'm both full of hope and nervous

 I'm the supporting guy.

Not the "Managerial" type.

I'm seriously asking for prayer. Not mostly for me, but those I deal with,

That they would really be left with God. Like Peter, that the master would allow me to be a vessel to reach the hurting.

I'm not a really Charismatic person (though passionate) but I believe if I obey Him, things will happen.

Thanks again for following my journey thus far!