Friday, August 27, 2010

A neat poem

"If there is any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not deter or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." 
-- William Penn

This poem is one of my favorites. It was given to me by a friend about 4 years ago when I was struggling to find God. It is a great definition of what a person who lives for Christ is like. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dedication to God

 This thought has been rattling in my head for a while now, so I thought it a good time to share it to people. I've been thinking on how we are called "The Bride."  I have also been  thinking about how our relationship with Christ could be compared to the marriage in our lives. Christ proposed to us with his death on the cross. His love is shown by his dedication to us. He wants a bride who can follow him as he goes up to the "High Places." (A reference from Hannah Hurnard's book Hind's feet on High Places) He allows us to  dedicate our lives to him. He is a jealous Groom. If anything steals our attention, he acts on it to get  our attention back. No matter the cost. Like a Father that disciplines his child only to draw that one closer to himself, Christ draws us back to him. In some cases, some brothers and sisters get to show such extreme devotion that they truly lay their lives down for him. These people are often called "martyrs."  This group of people have been found worthy to show their love and in the end, get the ultimate prize. And no, the ultimate prize is not heaven. It is Christ. They get to be with Love itself. No more waiting to see the face of their Beloved. That is something to envy. What if everything we did truly reflected our love for our Beloved by loving him in others? I hope this post has made you think a little.

This is another awesome video by Francis Chan.....Rightly named!

Francis Chan- " I'm in Love"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Becoming Needy

 How often do you think that everything in  your life is going how you would like it? You feel God is in control right? That you are in perfect peace with The Creator?


Does it seem that your entire life seems to be on the verge of crashing down on you? That your good intentions seem to cause pain to others, and sometimes end up causing an inhibition of growth in your friends and family?

I tend to like the first option. To feel like you are always in God's will, always encouraging people, and you feel good about yourself. I mean, who doesn't like to be liked, have joy all the time, and to be full of life?

It makes you love to be a Christian.

But as we look at the life of Christ's disciples, we see that no one who follows the Father ever seem to have any life in this world. Peter went from being a fisherman to a "fisher of men (which wasn't a popular job as we can see in Acts)" and also denied the very one he swore under oath to protect, Paul became so hated that he was flogged multiple times, shipwrecked, and killed for his faith. Doesn't seem like a very fulfilling life, now does it?

Then there is God. He used Peter's experience in denying Him to cause Peter to learn to deny his own strength in himself. How often do I deny my own self and not know if I do love Christ and can only answer
Him  "only you know." That is when we feel the power of His love, when we are weak in ourselves.

He is our strength and help in hard times.

God  used Paul's experience before he ever  knew Christ. He made a way for Paul to really fear himself. He caused a major stir in everyone when he became one of the very people he persecuted. Paul mentioned later to people that were trying to become perfected in the flesh that he was. I mean, he did have everything before he became a disciple of the Way. He was highly respected by Romans and many Jews alike. He was good in the eyes of man. He'd  be the guy who thinks that he is doing God's work, zealous to do what he thinks is of God.....

Then, FLASH!

 The very person he thinks that he is serving he finds out that he is persecuting. I just wrote this  paragraph and automatically flashed back to my past. I was a "zealous" servant of God, looked good in many people's eyes(LOL),and went through an experience that I  thought made me a good person who God was proud of. Then, one day, I woke up to find that all of my zeal was gone, my love for others "mysteriously" disappeared, and I saw a little of the person who I was. He then chose to spread his cloak of Love over me.

The feeling of him is like no other thing. There is no human word to explain it. Now outside of Him, there is no life.

He should be our focus everyday.

I over heard a good friend say to someone the other day, "Don't ask if God will let you do something, ask if it would be pleasing to Him."

Thank you so much Shammah.

 I hope that that would be true of all of us.