Monday, January 21, 2013


It has been an amazing month so far. Nothing in me says I truly "enjoyed" what God has been doing inside and around my box, but He is God.

His expanding of my boundaries has exposed my internal rebellion against His love. I make things more complicated than they should be...but so far, that's me.

God is amazing and worthy of all glory! Days pass and we falter in our steps, but He is ever constant.

His love is powerful. It is amazing how one song of praise can shatter the depths of depression and darkness...driving away the "bat-wings."

I can say this because it happened to me tonight.

All the hoping and internal turmoil can never cause one step without His calming word (He knows the right word at the right time). It breaks me every time.

While these are just  my scattered thoughts, I feel like a child sitting at the King once again...His son.

He rescues me from the pit of despair and sets my feet on a rock (Him) and reminds me of my calling as a son. He has washed my feet and gave me a new name. I am no longer Self-loathing, I am Peace. My companions are Belief and Steadfastness. Both are my guides to the highlands.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Still here.

Hey Folks! I've been a little busy;between Teen Challenge work and prepping for my marathon, it has been hard to write.

I'm hoping to get a few guest writers in the next couple weeks :-) 

Hope you are having a great January so far!