Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The "closer" we get to God, the more we need him. And do I ever need Him!

Well, I failed pretty bad today. I wanted to smile all day, never made it very far. I really hope that tomorrow will be different. I am really learning that wanting to become closer to God is only the first step. It is not easy...but hey, He never said it was going to be. I don't want to sound spiritual, but I think things are never as we see it. The "closer" we get, the more we need him. And do I ever need him!  Can't really say that I've felt the way I have but twice before this. I keep getting told, "God wants to love you." I guess I've never really thought that he could love more. But enough about me. I don't know if anyone  has had something really awesome happen in their life (Who hasn't?!?!), but it would be great for people to post on this blog. Thats what this blog was supposed be about. NOT ME ! PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS, WRITE SOMETHING!  It would be so incredible and highly encouraging.

 Thank you,

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