Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 I want to ask you an honest question. Are you committed to Christ?
There is no right or wrong answer...but it is between you and Him.  Please be honest. I'm not asking for an answer, just that you think on it, meditate on what it really means, and ask Him to show you what it is. Please have the courage to ask.

A small confession of myself

I know for me, even being "single,"  I am owned. I belong to someone.  Christ has committed Himself so that no matter how much I fall or how much I want to give up (and have!) He will never : give up or let up.

Without Christ, I am nothing. I realize that I'm only 25, but he has shown me a little of me. He has revealed that on my own: I am a blasphemous, wicked, cowardly, lustful,and SELF-RIGHTEOUS  thing .

 But he also promised never to leave.

How can I say more?

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