Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I don't feel like being a Christian today. Part 2

If you haven't read I don't feel like being a Christian-Part One yet...STOP!!!!!

Simon Peter
He was a man who was very close to Christ. Always up front, walked on water,and was a go-getter. He also told Christ that no matter what happened, whether everyone else left Jesus, he wouldn't. Christ told him that the Adversary wanted to sift him like wheat....just like Job. He did. Peter denied that he knew Christ three times, each time more and more belligerent...even unto cussing and swearing. Peter was ashamed after the rooster crowed and  like that.... the veil had finally been lifted from his eyes. Would you believe I actually told God 3 years ago I would not be like Peter, I'd be strong. Guess what. Yep. Worse. I was two hours away from walking away from God completely. Nothing in me wanted to still follow. It was only God himself that kept me.

Do you depend on your own strength to follow God? I have that weakness...God has been very patient with me on that.

Do you follow God for the blessings? Because you were told to?

He is the I AM after all.

Like in marriage, you wouldn't marry someone just because you like the way they look, the way they treat you, or fleeting emotions would you?

I'm not married, so I am just comparing this to people who I've seen with good marriages. They aren't the ones whose lives were rainbows. They had their battles. Still do. One thing different is that they don't see marriage as a thing to get out of. They may not feel like loving their spouse some days, the looks that attracted them may have faded, and attitudes may have faded. But they are constant. One major thing that connects them is Christ. They are children of God  devoted to him, so they devote themselves to each other as to God.

Never give up. Even when the world falls apart around you! Blessings to your week dear readers!

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  1. Great insight Ben. Thanks for being transparent
    and speaking truth. We all need such encouragement.