Saturday, June 18, 2011

A man of Faith

 I just wanted tom take a moment to honor someone who is a major hero in my life. A man who through all the hardships in his life has ran the race to win. A man who when the enemy came..stood firm with a boldness that is very admirable. This man takes no glory to himself and glorifies the Father with his very life.

That person is my Dad.

 His name is David Eric Wilson. Though he goes by Eric, he has definitely represented  "a man after God's own heart." Like David of the scriptures, he has stumbled and fell many times, has been attacked...but stood firm in Christ. Like David, he has made Christ his strength. He knows a peace and a relationship with God that not many have.

He is also pretty quirky. That part makes me smile. It is what has made him Christ's own.

My dad loves to help people. He is a mechanic, inventor, and a visionary. He has been a good person for me to watch.

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