Monday, April 11, 2011


I started a specialized diet this week to deal with some of the symptoms of sickness and disorder that have occurred over the last few years (I'll save you the gory details)


Deep inside everyone's insides resides bacteria (everyone knows this If you took biology in school or just got curious enough to look it up). There are many types that are symbiotic to us and help us digest food. And like the good..we have bad bacteria aka. Yeast . Normally, the good bacteria help keep the yeast from overpopulating us and causing us major problems.But with a high sugar/caffeine diet the bad outweigh the good.That's where I've been

The "yeast" LOVES simple sugars.

Anyways, enough "Scientist Ben"

We also encounter this in our spiritual walk as well. Like the analogy of the two dogs. Feed one and starve the other. But I believe that our walk is more like the two organisms Spiritual bacteria vs. Fleshy yeast.

Inside each of us we also have the capacity to choose who we will feed. Often we opt to go the "simple" way feeding ourselves what pleases us for the moment. It doesn't have to be something extreme even. Watching a movie or playing a video game just to check out even. That's an example from my own life. We may not think it much...and it really isn't in very small portions. BUT!!!! It becomes a feeding point for the flesh. Like the yeast in the body, the flesh is very hardy. You really cannot be rid of it fully.  And if you feed it enough, it too causes problems.  Overgrowth of flesh is like a black hole and is NEVER satisfied.

Christ also put his spirit into us as well don't forget. Like the good  flora in the gut of a human helps us digest food, the spirit digests Gods words. It battles the flesh and the flesh battle the spirit. Like the good flora in the body help you digest vitamins and minerals..God's spirit feeds us.

I apologize if this post has been out of place since I've been out of practice on blogging lately.

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