Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking in the rain with your love.

Walking in the rain with the love of your life can be romantic. I can vouch for this.

 I mean you want to be together through everything right? Rain or shine? Sometimes you're even closer in the rain in fact.


Walking through life with THE LOVER is similar. You seem to feel close (at least I do) to God when things are easy, problems seem to fix themselves, and you feel in love with God.

Then the rains come. Most people as soon as the rain starts run for shelter. But sometimes there is some crazy lovestruck pair that seem to refuse to get to shelter. They find it "romantic" to spend time walking in the rain.

 Then compare it to the relationship with Christ. Many Christians today tend to run for "shelter" when the difficulties arise. They feel safe from the storm and seeming alot smarter than the couple walking out in the rain.

Now to the beloved's point of view.

You feel more alive than ever! This storm has caused you to draw closer together! As you feel the warmth of walking beside the Lover, you see those poor people out under their "shelters" with the leaky roofs,  cold and without light . As you call out to them many just point and laugh. Others are curious, so they venture out towards you. As they get closer, they too feel warmer. You start to realize the storm brought others to HIM who is the warmth and the light. This experience causes obsession. After a while warmth feels a great area and those who are filled with the warmth are sent to the shelters of the COLD and DARK. They bring news of the great light who makes it all.

I think I just got an idea for a story!

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