Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Relationship with God

When you think of a relationship with God, what comes to mind? Praying to him when you are in need? Spending time studying the scriptures? Dedicating time to thinking about him during your daily life?  I've been reading "The Spiritual Guide" by Miguel Molinos. He talks  about a deep relationship with Christ. One in which d we learn to be devoted to Christ no matter the situation. Molinos talks about the Divine love of Christ, in which God seemingly turns his back on us, and we are made to suffer with ourselves.We sacrifice our lives to Christ devoid of  self-worth in our offering.But behind it all, God is joyful and happy. We may feel God has left us, that our prayers go seemingly unanswered, and we are left to our flaws and desires. Molinos states that God uses this time to purify us. God makes us love-sick for him. So that we wait on him at all times and wish only to do  his will. I hope one day I could be like this.

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