Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Purified for him

Hello again friends! I hope all is well with each of you lately. May Christ's mercy and grace flow over you. He shows us most that he is in control when we see that we are not. I feel that is the biggest lesson for this week that  He has worked in me. Just to trust him. Especially when it seems like this world and the enemy overtakes us, he uses this to weaken our will to fight of our own accord. Sometimes he may not answer our cries till we totally submit to him, because the trials we go through are the purification of his temple inside of us, in which Christ sends his fire to empty us of our selves. I feel that this is the biggest thing that he wants to get through to a lot of people. This purification of our whole being causes us to dread whenever our flesh  rises up to defend itself. It is not always instantaneous, and may take the span of our entire lives. When he comes, he will bring his purification in which he will truly separate the last clinging of this  fleshly body. Everyday he calls us to look for his face in the  minotinus and even dismal. I in no way have achieved or think this is a easy path at all. It is his path for us to follow, he set it with his life until the time in which he was revealed to his disciples. I'm feeling a little sick tonight so that will have to be all for tonight. Goodnight all! Till next time.

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