Saturday, November 7, 2009

This may sound controversal.

I came up with the idea for this post from a friend. I just recently read a webpage an old friend wrote. They had a dicussion on how "all they need is Jesus." I live in an intentional communty (for all non-RCV readers) in west Tennessee. I came to Rose Creek Village in 2005. My intentions were to be with my family(who were already here). Over the past 5 years God have changed all my desires,hopes,and dreams. I believe that the best thing for Christians is to be with others. For me, having the accountability keeps me from a lot of temption.Being with others can also cause you to find out more about yourself. What better way to see yourself than to "look in the mirror." I feel that most Christians cannot do this alone. There are those special few but I have never met one yet. A major plus side to being with people beyond Wednesday and Sunday is that Christ is better revealed through two or three gathered in his name. It is like having family that are not blood related, but become important all the same. You begin to grow deeper relationships and in the end, are a major part of your life.

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