Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember who you are!

   This day started pretty rough. I've been struggling (well more like insecure) with where I am with God recently. All day today it felt like I was a carrying a huge stone on my back. Many things even until just after the evening teaching we had tonight, I was mopey. I had just went into a friend's house  (who lives next door) for help. God met me there. In a way I didn't expect.

I don't know how many of you have seen "The Lion King."  It is a cartoon about a son who ran from his problems and ends up having to go back and face his problems head on.

Well....I walked in on the part where his father "talked" to him from beyond the clouds. The father tells his son that he has forgotten about him. In the forgetting that he was heir to the kingdom and acted as an exile he had forgotten the father. He told the son "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! YOU ARE MY SON AND KING!"

That hit me. I had forgotten my Father in my problems. By both choosing to dwell on my sorrow and acting as if I were still a slave of sin. By forgetting that I am a child of God, I allowed my sorrow to become bigger than God himself. He wanted me all day to manifest joy but I had been in a state of turmoil.

Most amazing is that he waited on me.

How often do you forget that you are a child of God? To manifest his presence with joy?

Joy means so much more than happiness. It is second to Love. Called a "fruit" of the spirit and comes from the Father as a by-product of having the Spirit manifest in you.

I encourage you to thank God every single day if you really are the Lover's. He claimed you as his own from the beginning. That Christ came for you! That he left the Father's right hand as a representative to you that you are loved and he desires you!  

The enemy works really hard to drag us from this truth.



  1. that was good. people think i'm crazy when i tell them i've never seen lion king. i need to watch it. i've only seen bits of it.