Thursday, November 4, 2010

The pain that comes from loving

I used most of this post from a teaching I got to listen to this past Wednesday.

    More often than not..we face pain in our lives.I'm not talking about scraping yourself up. It's the pain we all face as we start to lose ourselves.. It means our flesh is still alive. Some have built a "tolerance" to this pain. Others numb themselves for many years and end up with a tall wave of pain or regret that can sometimes overwhelm us.The Father sends us through pain to make us more like his son. Learning to love like Christ does... IS HARD! I don't think that anyone has it easy(I could be wrong! :-) )

To love like he does (and what a love it is!) we WILL have people hate us, people we are close to hurt us, and The Father will seemingly turn his back on us. When we get to the point in which in the midst of all of the pain we  feel we can say "Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit" just like Christ did, we give up our "rights," sense of justice, and feel the love Christ has.

 Weeping may last for the night,but a shout of joy shall come in the morning- Psalm 30:5

He has a purpose for every dot and tiddle that you experience. We may not know how God will use us, but his will is done. 

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  1. This a truth for my life especially. I'm not anywhere near close to understanding Him. All I now is I'm a child of God, he loves me, and I deserve none of it.